Mediation, in Particular Early Mediation Works

Early mediation is very effective when you plan for success. Success in mediation is all about solving a problem, where success at trial is winning the war.

Solving a problem, requires far less information and is typically obtained in less time than turning every stone in preparation for trial.

Planning for success is straightforward. Both sides share their claims and counter claims along with their supporting evidence. Then the parties work towards targeted discovery limited to just the information necessary to make a decision.

Successful planning results in a dispute that is resolved, quickly.

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Sherman Knight

Last year we hired Sherman Knight as mediator in a very contentious construction case involving a contractor, a homeowner and multiple subs. He assuaged the emotions, calmly and logically gained the trust of the parties and got the job done in one day. Yes, I highly recommend Sherman for mediation of client construction disputes.

Stephanie Johnson O'Day - Attorney

Knight Dispute Resolution